Getting the right dentist is crucial to our overall dental care and of all the dentists Northampton has to offer I believe that the one which my family and I attend is the best. There we have an award-winning dentists who I was speaking to during my last appointment about what exactly it is that damages our teeth. Many believe that they do a good job in caring for their teeth which is why it is surprising for them when they require any form of treatment. The truth is however that there are many different things that could be damaging our teeth and here are some of the most common reasons why people run into dental issues.



Sugar is highly dangerous for our teeth and it can often be the major culprit in causing us damage and issues such as decay and cavities. The big problem with sugar is that it sticks to the enamel of our teeth and if not cleaned quickly, it can stick fast to the tooth, and then remove the enamel when it is eventually cleaned away. Sugar can also play havoc in between teeth where it blocks up the gaps and creates the perfect environment for bacteria. Try to avoid where possible things such as sugary drinks, sweets and any cakes or pastries which have high sugar content.


Very often people have issues because of physical damage to their teeth from accidents or impacts. This happens in most cases as a result of sporting activities whereby people have not protected their teeth. Teeth are incredibly strong but they are not immune to damage when they are hit, often resulting in cracks in the tooth or even a broken tooth. If you are engaging in sporting activity then you should look to wear a gum shield which can prevent your teeth from being damaged.


Smoking carries with it a huge number of health risks and that includes the rotting of teeth. Smoking over a prolonged period of time will result in your teeth becoming weaker, misshapen and of course stained. For all aspects of your health it is important that you aim to quit smoking and give your teeth the care that they deserve. Even if you clean your teeth twice daily, for as long as you smoke this work that you do will be almost redundant.

Not Eating 

We have seen in many cases that people who do not eat regularly can see a great deal of damage to their teeth. Your teeth need exercise just like your muscles do and when you avoid eating for a long amount of time, you will not be giving the teeth the chance to work as they should. Often the result of this is a weaker tooth which is prone to dental issues such as chipping, breaking or even nerve issues as a result of cavities.

These are just the most common issues but there are many more which you need to be aware of in order to keep your teeth looking great. It’s a good idea to ask you dentist in Cardiff about your dental health if you need more information.