Teeth are an integral part of our body, allowing us to chew and eat food which sustains us and helps us live full and healthy lives. Unfortunately, eating can also open our teeth up to potential breakages with hard, crunchy foods or things like ice. Many people that have broken teeth will tell you that they broke a tooth by eating something as innocent as a nut or popcorn, but there are other ways to break your teeth too. Here are a couple of them so you can avoid them.


Foods are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to tooth breakage. Crunchy, hard or sticky foods can damage teeth and even cause cracks and breaks. While you can’t necessarily avoid certain foods, you can try to make sure things like vegetables are cooked or that you soften a food first – such as squeezing hard bread crusts to make them a bit more pliable.


Being hit in the face with hockey pucks, footballs, pigskin footballs and more can cause damage to the teeth that requires specialist treatment. Luckily places like Cardiff orthodontics can help fix teeth when things go awry, even providing referrals to other specialists if necessary. Sports is one of the leading causes of tooth breakage, so if you play any kind of sports, be sure to wear a mouthguard to protect yourself.

Using Your Teeth For Other Things

While it can be tempting to use your teeth to rip or tear into packages, tape, boxes and more, it’s actually enormously dangerous to the health of your teeth to do so. Some people even use their teeth to open things like cans, bottles and the like – all of which are terrifyingly unpleasant to think about. Play it safe and keep wrenches, special gloves, the proper tools and hot water for helping to open things instead of your pearly whites.


Jewellry is also one of the ways that teeth can break with things like lip and tongue rings rubbing against gums or clicking against teeth, causing small cracks and unnecessary wear and tear on the enamel. Avoid this by either not having these types of jewelry, covering them with wax or being mindful of when they click against your teeth so you can stop it before it happens.

So if you have issues with brittle teeth, try to avoid the above things or activities to keep your teeth healthier and break free. While it’s not always possible to avoid things entirely, you can still mitigate issues as much as possible by limiting your exposure.