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With 2018 on the way out and the New Year just around the corner, the internet is awash with articles and lists featuring up and coming actors, singers, fashion trends and more. While you might be thinking ‘not another list type article’, lists and predictions on trends are a great way to get a start on trends for the coming year so you have some idea of what to expect and how you can be stylish all year long. If you haven’t already read a beauty trend list, check out this one so you can start getting some great, fresh beauty ideas for 2019 and beyond.


Botox isn’t just for celebrities and people worrying about wrinkles anymore! Well, it still is, but everyday people like yourself are beginning to embrace this face smoothing, plumping and rejuvenating facial procedure for more than just smoothing out those fine lines around the mouth, eyes and in the forehead. Did you know that botox injections can be used to treat a number of different health issues such as migraines and excess sweating? Pretty cool, right? Not only that, but you get to enjoy the smooth skin benefits of the procedure even if you don’t plan to get it for its aesthetic purposes. Win-win! Many dental surgeries are offering botox now as part of their facial rejuvenation packages. Check out botox Chester, as an example.

Au Naturel

The minimal makeup look has been a hit for awhile now and for good reason. No one likes the chunky, trowelled-on look when it comes to doing their makeup. Less is definitely more and people have been jumping on the bandwagon with toning down their looks. The au naturel concept as well focuses on the way in which people are taking care of their skin. Natural antiseptics like witch hazel have come back into action for those looking to take care of their skin without relying on heavy duty chemicals.

Bold Lips

While minimalist makeup is still a hit, one thing that has everyone talking is the bold lip. Lips with exaggerated lining jobs and bright colours are all the rage for 2019, a style that works well with the minimalist eye and face makeup movement. After all, too my eye combined with lip is a bit overkill, so stick with one or the other like the models have been doing!

So whether you want to enter the new year with a new you or you’re hoping to get in on some trends to help maximise your skin’s appearance in the new year, hopefully these tips will help you find the right products or procedures for your skin. Happy New Year!