I recently moved to Yeovil and whilst getting the kids into their new school and finding a new GP was fairly easy, finding a great dentist was not quite so simple. In the end however my search for a Yeovil dentist which was close enough to home and perfect for the whole family was successful and I thought that I would share how I did it with all of you. Whether you are looking to upgrade the dentist which you have or if you have recently relocated, finding the best dentist is not as easy as just walking down the street to see what is on offer. Here is how you can find a great dentist, without clocking up the miles.


Asking Around

The first step which I took was to ask my new neighbors as to which dental practice they used. Both neighbors either side of us seemed welcoming enough and as it happened they both used different dentists in the area. I jotted both names down and then continued my search to find the best. Asking people in your vicinity is a great way to get started on finding out which is the best dentist for you and your family.

Head Online

The idea here is to make a list of the dentists which you are considering and then whittle the list down slowly. The next step therefore is to head online and simply type in ‘dentists near me’. Using an online search will give you a huge amount of information about the choices in your local area, and it will also enable you to see some customer reviews. Unless there is a large amount of reviews you may wish to ignore these however as they can be easily manipulated. Once you have the list of local dentists, read each website and see what they offer before putting just a couple on your list.

Making Appointments

The only way that you are going to be able to find out how good a dentist is would be to make an appointment so that is your next step. Any dental practice which can’t fit you in within 3 days should be crossed off the list, if they cannot do this for a new client then it doesn’t look good for the future if you stay with this dentist.

At The Appointment

Assuming that you are able to get an appointment within those 3 days then the final step is to make an honest assessment of your experience with the dentist. During your appointment you should be looking out for good quality service throughout, a dentist who makes you feel secure and at ease whilst they are examining you, and a general feeling of hygiene and tidiness throughout the practice.

Finally you should consider prices, not every dentist is the same and so you must ensure that you don’t select one which is charging over the odds for what they offer.