Selecting a care home for your aging loved one or loved ones is an emotional but very important process. This is a crucial decision that will affect the rest of their life, so really the time to consider all the aspects of your choice. Your loved ones are lucky to have someone helping them out during this time, so follow this advice for selecting a quality care home:

carer give her elderly pactient a nice cup of tea

Go For a Visit

Always visit a care home before selecting it for your loved one. If you’re looking at care homes in Oxfordshire for example, visit on your own first if you like, then bring your loved with you the second time to see how they feel there. It’s important to gauge their reactions to the place, people and environment, see how they might settle in and how comfortable they may feel. You may be able to attend some small events going on, such as a workshop or even just a meal for the residents.

Consider the Different Types of Care Homes

Care homes come in two categories: residential and nursing care. The type you choose will depend on the sort of care your love one requires. If your loved one needs the support of a care home but is still able to be somewhat independent, consider a residential care home. Here, they will have help with many daily tasks like washing and dressing, but will have some independence in other areas. However if your loved one needs full time care, a nursing home might be for them. In a nursing home, a qualified nurse is on duty 24 hours a day to take care of the residents. Nursing homes are usually for people in later stages of illness or in need of full-time care.

Care Homes Should Respect the Residents

Look for a care home that functions based on person-centered care. This means that the staff look at each resident as unique and special individuals, and don’t focus on their illness or handicaps. Person-centered care treats each person with dignity and respect, and the staff should create a care plan to care for each individual resident and their unique needs. A quality care home focuses on helping each resident have a good quality of life. They should organize some activities for the residents to keep them entertained and happy.