Many children are petrified of going to the dentist and an appointment can be quite the ordeal for many parents. I have personal experience of this as both of my children are frightened to death of going to our dentist in Norwich, even just for a routine checkup. I have not yet worked out how to completely relieve them of their fears when going to the dentist but I have managed to work out a system which seems to help them as best as I can. If you also have kids who are scared of going to the dentist then here are some tips on helping them out.


Encourage Care

Having your kids be scared of something is tough for a parent but you can actually turn this around so that it works in their favor. Use the fear that they have of going to the dentist to encourage your children to look after their teeth better. As soon as the kids know that the better that they look after their teeth, the less likely it is that they will need to go to the dentist, they will start to care for them far better.

Early Morning

I have found that when making an appointment for my kids at the dentist that an early morning appointment is the best option. When you make an appointment for them in the afternoon it will give them the whole day to think about it, and as a result worry about it. Of course an early morning appointment isn’t the answer to all of your problems but it can give the kids far less time to get themselves worked up prior to visiting the dentist.

The Dentist

Not all dentists are as patient and welcoming as we would like when it comes to our kids and through the years we have had some dentists who I would never recommend to a scared adult, let alone child. With this in mind then you must make sure that you have done all that you can to find the best local dentist for you, and one who is accommodating and can help to put nervous patients at ease. You’d be surprised just much the dentist can help when they are child friendly and they know how to deal with scared children.


When I used to speak with my kids about why they were scared they would come up with all manner of creative fantasies about the horrors that a dentist could do with their teeth. I have found then that speaking to your kids about dentistry and the problems that can actually occur, is a great way to allay their fears when it comes to visiting the dentist. Kids have wild imaginations and if you are able to set the record straight, you will be able to help them a lot in rationalizing their fears.

We may not be able to cure their fears but we certainly can do our bit to help the kids out.