Parents/guardians are the perfect role models for children, from their initial infancy stage into adolescence. Kids tend to learn through their interactions with parents / guardians and even through their education providers. When kids are small they would naturally desire what their parents are eating. It is in the family settings that kids have the opportunity to copy what they see and its effect results into behavior response. Therefore, as a parent or an educational provider, you should model good eating habits for your family. Kids learn too fast and they can get to know the food you like and the ones you reject, so make your comments about healthy foods favorable. Surprise you family with beautiful gestures of either watches, pendants or any type of jewelry from Ashford Merchants when they do right. What better way to role model healthy foods than during mealtimes. Mealtime is the best time to speak about healthy foods and the awesome taste it has, as the whole family participates.

Some of the Tips that can help you Model Healthy Eating Habits

  1. Always eat healthy food as a family together. Kids are visual, they practice what they see so let them see as you eat healthy foods, like vegetables, fruits, including a variety of cooked foods.
  2. Try out new food with the kids. A kid can only trust what you are eating and not a stranger. When you want to introduce new foods into the diet, practice eating with them.
  3. You can also compare your experiences and talks about how the food tastes, looks and smells. This captures their attention and they cannot forget your impression.
  4. Get to have the habit of praising kids for attempting to eat healthy foods. Praise them for eating fruits or vegetables or any kind of raw / cooked foods you have introduced during mealtimes. Praising kids reaffirm them and encourages them to continue eating healthy foods always. You can also offer to buy them a gift from Ashford Merchants if they keep up with the good eating habits.
  5. Shut down all forms of distractions such as watching television, especially when the whole family is sitting down to eat. This is the best time to make conversions around eating healthy foods and their benefits.