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 The sun is beautiful – warming, bright, fills you with a sense of wellbeing and happiness. However, like most things in this life, every good thing has a downside, and in this case, it’s the health effects that occur when we don’t play safe.

A day on the beach, splashing in the sea; a walk down the promenade, taking in the sights; or a day on a boat trip, soaking up the rays – these are all situations that can lead to sunburn and sunstroke without the necessary precautions.

Sun-cream is a definite, with a high SPF. The myth that you won’t tan isn’t true! You will get a better tan if you use a high factor sun-cream, as you won’t burn, and then you’ll build up a longer-lasting glow, without peeling and shedding skin within days, which is never a good look!

Hats can be very fashionable these days, in fact a wide-brimmed straw hat is a great accessory to a summer outfit, not to mention offering many health benefits! A burnt scalp not only hurts when you get in the shower in the evening, but can also lead to sun-stroke, which is not in the slightest bit fun. Feeling shivery, despite high temperatures, constantly thirsty, sick, headachey, achey in general – these are all symptoms of sunstroke, which can be severe and serious if taken to the extreme. Avoid this by covering your head, slapping on that sun-cream and drinking plenty of fluid, and by that I don’t mean alcoholic! Alcohol increases dehydration, which is one of sunstroke’s main problems and causes, so stick to juice and water during the day, and you’ll feel much better as a result.

If you’re heading out on a boat trip, the above advice is even more important, as the sun’s rays are much more intense out on the open water. Keep heading inside for some shade throughout the day, and jump in the sea to cool down. Remember that you’ll need to slap on some more sun-cream once you’ve dried off, as you’ll have got rid of your first layer in the water. This is obviously also true of going for a swim in the pool.

Remember this advice and you’ll have a safe and happy summer holiday. Kick out the stress before you even leave the house and you’ll be in an even better frame of mind come beach time. I always pre-book airport extras nowadays, as I’ve found the convenience and price beats public transport and expensive airport taxis. I recently used Luton Airport parking and would definitely use the service again. If you’re flying from north of the border, check out the facilities for Edinburgh Airport parking, and you’ll find you save before you even leave the house.

Head away on holiday and soak up that vitamin D in the safest possible way, and wow everyone with that golden tan!

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