dental hygiene

Having a healthy mouth is one of the most important things you can do to take care of yourself. There are many risks involved when you don’t take care of your teeth. I’m not just talking about bad breath either. Poor dental hygiene has been linked to the cause of many serious health problems.  Here are five major risks that a healthy mouth can help you steer clear of.

Heart Disease

In a recent study the Canadian Academy of Periodontology concluded that oral inflammatory disease is linked to having a higher risk of heart disease. In fact, people with periodontal diseases have suffered fatal heart attacks twice as often as those who don’t. This is because bacteria on your gums leads to bacteria and inflammation throughout the body, this inflammation leads to heart attacks. Find a dentist in Surrey to have regular checkups and put you on the right path.

dental hygiene

Oral Cancer

When diagnosed with oral cancer only 50% of people live longer than five years. You do not want to fall to this statistic. Have your dentist check all of the areas of soft tissue in your mouth to make sure things are looking good. You can also do your part at home by flossing, brushing, and rinsing your mouth.


Dental hygiene can help you lose weight or prevent you from putting unwanted weight on. As you brush your teeth you are not only cleaning your mouth, but also signaling your body that the time to eat is over. After you eat dinner, brush your teeth. This can curb your desire to have a late night snack or an unhealthy dessert. Also, not much tastes too good after a good brushing!

Jaw Depletion

The main reason that adults lose teeth is age. But poor dental hygiene also plays a role. When you lose your teeth your jaw slowly starts to whiter away. This is because your body will stop supporting your jawbone if it does not have teeth to support. If you are losing teeth, look into dental implants in Surrey. These implants can give the jaw the structure it needs to stay relevant in your body.


It isn’t just diabetes that leads to gum disease, but gum disease leads to diabetes.  It’s a two way street. When bacteria develops in your gums, your body body’s resistance to insulin elevates which leads to higher blood glucose levels. Diabetes is a rising disease in the world, making your dental hygiene of the upmost importance.

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