We live in a world where drugs and alcohol are used on a daily basis, and often in a societally-acceptable way. It’s perfectly normal to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, to enjoy a glass of wine after work or even to smoke a cigarette during your lunch break. But do you know the difference between drug use, abuse and addiction? Knowing these differences and being aware of where you are in your own lifestyle can mean the difference between a healthy life and one that starts to get out of control. Advanced Health and Education in New Jersey is one place that is committed to helping people get their lives back after a drug problem. Learning when drug use turns to addiction and abuse is important to make sure you and your loved ones can stay in control of your lives.

When use turns to abuse

Many people experiment with drugs for different reasons. People try recreational drugs to see what an altered mindstate feels like, but this doesn’t automatically mean they are abusing the drug. What turns drug use into abuse is the consequences of the action. When casual drug use becomes more frequent and starts affecting a person’s life in negative ways, this is when the use is becoming abuse. Essentially, if a drug is causing problems in your life, there is substance abuse at play.

Drug addiction

So how is addiction different from abuse? When people are abusing drugs, they are not necessarily doing it compulsively. But some drugs have an addictive quality that means the user physically cannot stop using the drug. Alcohol is one example of a highly addictive drug. The brain becomes addicted by the altered mind state caused by the drug, and can actually change over time due to extended drug use. Brick NJ rehabilitation centers are one place to go if you’re dealing with drug addiction, to find treatment and support in recovery.

What causes drug addiction?

Drug addiction can be caused by a variety of factors: family history of drug use/addiction, mental issues such as depression or anxiety, and drug use early in life. You can also become more addicted to a drug if you inject it and it reaches the bloodstream very quickly. It’s important to be aware of your family history of addiction because this can greatly increase your risk for drug addiction.

 Finding help

If you find yourself or someone you know dealing with drug abuse or addiction, it’s extremely important to get help. Drug rehab centers in NJ are a safe space to find someone to talk to about this problem, and get the help you need.