If you’ve ever heard of the words ‘medical tourism’ you might wonder why people would go abroad for different medical procedures, and to where. With more and more people seemingly going abroad for different treatments, it’s easy to get curious about the concept and want to check it out for yourself. But where to? Here are the top destinations people have been travelling to for medical tourism.


While you may not think of cutting edge medical care when you think of India with its smog laden air and streets so packed you might feel like a sardine, you couldn’t be more surprised by the impressive healthcare and procedure options that highly skilled and trained doctors and staff can offer in this large subcontinent. Saving up to 65-90% of the costs of procedures in the United States, it’s easy to see why India is so popular, especially with wait times that are next to zero.


With beautiful beaches, amazing culture and welcoming locals, Thailand is one of the hottest destinations for medical tourism what with its natural beauty and high quality hospitals and doctors trained extensively to treat a myriad of issues. On average for various procedures patients can expect to pay 50-75% less than posted costs in the United States and elsewhere. Dentistry and cosmetic surgery are two of the most popular types of medical tourism in Thailand, with many people coming to this South East Asian country for cheaper breast augmentations and other electives.


Malaysia is known for having been rated the number one destination in 2015 and 2016 for medical tourism due to its huge industry surrounding this very idea. Even the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council have created special lounges and concierge services specifically for medical tourists to enjoy from the moment they land in Malaysia. With hospitals designed more like hotels and 65-80% savings on typical costs in the States, it’s easy to see why Malaysia continues to be on top of the game with medical tourism.

Costa Rica

With rates ranging from 45-65% less than those in the United States, Costa Rica is a hot contender for a spot in the best countries for medical tourism. Not only this, but in recent years they have surpassed both Canada and the US in things like cosmetic surgery and dentistry for quality of work done, cost and general care. So if you’re looking for the holiday of a lifetime with a great potential for getting some work done while abroad, consider Costa Rica.

If heading abroad is a bit out of your price range but you still need work done, consider heading to your Coulsdon dentist for your dental work ranging from fillings to root canals and beyond.