Your yearly health assessment should be a completely comprehensive medical exam. This is necessary because so many chronic health conditions are detectable early and highly treatable – many are actually preventable with early detection and intervention, which is exactly why annual health assessments are so important. In order to get that full picture of your overall health, though, an annual health assessment should include the following features.

Diagnostic Testing

The cornerstone of good executive health in Toronto is the annual health assessment. No corporate wellness program is complete without it. These are the tests that provide the base line upon which future comparisons are made. Those comparisons determine whether your overall health is improving or failing compared with previous years’ results and allows your physician to make recommendations accordingly.

The specific diagnostic tests you take will vary depending on your needs and may be related to your age at the time of the exam, your gender, or other factors you discuss with your physician leading up to the annual health exam – or even based on results and indicators from previous health assessments.

Physical Examinations

The best executive health programs include more than a rudimentary physical examination. They will include a lengthy physical exam and consultation with your physician. This may be the last thing you do during your visit so your doctor has vital information, statistics, and laboratory results in hand during the interview and consultation. Other physical tests that might be included in your assessment include an abdominal ultrasound, respiratory function test, an electrocardiogram and exercise stress test, hearing and vision assessments, nutritional and fitness assessments, and more.

How Long Will the Annual Health Exam Last?

If you have an effective executive health plan, you should expect to spend at least five hours at for your annual health assessment. Plan to bring a change of clothing, athletic wear, and to shower on-site after the physical parts of your examination. Your one-on-one consultation with your physician will be the final part of your assessment and often offers the greatest value and insight. It also happens to be what sets generic group medical coverage apart from a full-service executive wellness program and can make a world of difference for your long-term health and productivity.

Why Invest in Corporate Wellness?

As many organizations are shifting focus to executive health, they are learning that the benefits to the company, as a whole, are enormous. Healthy executives are more productive, less distracted by health concerns, and less likely to miss work because of illnesses. The fact that most executive health plans today include a focus on mental health and overall wellbeing, also means that businesses can take a preventative approach by encouraging good physical and mental health and encouraging employees, executives in particular, to be more proactive in their good health.

Wellness in the workplace is about so much more than simply implementing a good exercise program and encouraging participation. It begins and ends with preventative and wellness services that can be customized to employees’ needs based on the results of their individual annual health assessments.