Many elderly and disabled people use an electric bath lift to help transfer them in and out of the bathtub. Those with restricted mobility often have difficulty bathing, but disabled bath aids such as electric hoists help to transfer people smoothly and safely. Bathtub lifts are popular elderly bath aids. This particular piece of mobility equipment is comprised of a chair that is affixed to an electronic hoist that moves through a 360 degree angle. There are various bath aids on the market, but people who are buying a new bath lifter should heed the following guidelines.

Key Considerations to Help the Disabled and Elderly Choose the Right Bath Tub Lift

. The bathing aid must fit the bathtub properly

. The bathtub must be strong and deep enough to support the bath lift

. Bathing aids used by the elderly and disabled should be strong and safe

. The bath lift seat should offer comfort and support

. Bathing equipment utilized by the elderly and disabled must be strong enough to carry the bather’s weight

. The bath lift must have sufficient lifting height to clear the edge of the bathtub

Adjustable bath lifts benefit the user and the caregiver. Disabled bath aids vary in quality and price. However, many choose an easy to use electric bath lift that helps to make bathing safer. For older people or those with disabilities, bathing can be made safer and more comfortable using numerous popular elderly bath aids.