When it comes to shoes the men have it easy. If you were to ask your girlfriend how many essential pairs of shoes she has in her wardrobe then the list will very long indeed, for the men the good news is that the list of essential shoes can be counted on one hand. This is good news when it comes to spending money, because with groupon vouchers you will be able to buy everything on the list at a great price!

Here’s a list of three types of shoes that every man should have, if you have these three then you are sure to have a pair most events in life.

Cool Sneakers

The weekend is the time when we relax and kick back, but that should not mean you dress as laid bad as you feel. Always keep your outfit looking casual and finish it off with a cool pair of sneakers. Pay close attention to the material, colour and the type of laces you choose.


It’s not only adventurers that wear boots, you also don’t only have to wear them when the winter weather kicks in. They are an extremely versatile piece of footwear, the way they are made means that you are prepared for everything – just make sure you don’t pair them with your suits. They work great at the weekends, a pair of dark brown lace up boots will go perfectly with that favourite pair of jeans you own. Ideal to wear when you want to relax but keep your feet comfy and warm.

The Dress Shoe

We have all been to so many weddings and business meetings that we are all took aware that dressing to impress means that your whole look is polished from head to toe. You need to make sure that you dress shoes are clean, polished and most of all scuff free. I prefer the simple and classic look, something that looks smart but doesn’t draw too much attention away from your outfit.

Don’t forget to make sure that all of your shoes fit comfortably, of course the look is important but so is how you feel. You’ll be wearing these shoes a lot so make sure that they cushion your feet perfectly for maximum comfort whilst looking your best.