Stairlifts have long been a great solution for people that are getting older or people that have weak legs or knees. It can really change someone’s life, before they thought that going up and down the stairs was a real hassle and they may not even make the effort because it was to troublesome. Now with stairlifts people can be upstairs in no time at all and without using any energy or aggravating any pain in their knees or legs. Home stair lifts are becoming increasingly popular, we see them in households a lot more now than we once did. They are even being used for a variety of things now, people have realised that the stair lifts are not only good for carrying people, they are also being used to take groceries up stairs and also any other item that is too heavy to carry. Here are 10 great reasons why people should purchase a stair lift.


1. You and your family will have peace of mind knowing that you can get up the stairs easily and safely. If you are by yourself then this is important and it means that you are more independent and less reliant on others.

2. The chairs are very safe, once you are sat down you can safely strap yourself into the chair. You have no chance of falling out when you are securely in the seat.

3. All the pain that you used to get in your limbs, such as legs or knees, will disappear! You won’t be straining any more when going up and down the stairs.

4. If you are looking at a new house then you do not need to worry about the number of floors there are the stairlift get rid of all these concerns, access will not be an issue for you.

5. You can use the stair lift to transport any items that you need to put upstairs, you don’t just have to use it for people. You can put groceries, suitcases and any other heavy items that you need to move but can’t carry yourself.

6. You don’t need to worry about power cuts, the stair lifts are battery powered so even if there is a power cut then you will still be able to use your stair lift to get up the stairs.

7. You have a chance of suffering long term damage on your knees and legs if you continue to walk up and down the stairs. As we grow older our joints get weaker, so it is best to give them as much rest as possible. A stair lift is the perfect solution.

8. Stair lifts are with out question the best solution out there on the market right now, they are the safest and cheapest option.

9. It will give more free time to your family or those that are caring for you. They will no longer need to be there when you go upstairs and they do not have to worry about you getting down the chairs safely in the morning time.


10. It will make you feel free and mobile again, you will no longer worry about getting up a flight of stairs, you will have access to your whole house again!